About Us

“Learning to swim should be fun and at Seadragonz we make it our priority to ensure that swimming is grinning for all our kids. We use our unique philosophy which focuses on the learner and their needs, moving at their pace when they feel safe and ready to try the next step. We gently encourage our students to gain confidence in the water through playing games with toys and equipment before focusing on technique. This creates a positive and fun environment for the learner and enables our instructors to get the best out of each child.

Our small classes, warm water and our teachers working in the pool with the children for all levels creates the utopian learning aquatic environment. Our instructors undergo significant training beyond the basic teaching qualifications ensuring our students receive instruction from teachers of the highest caliber.

Our classes range from infant aquatics, to swim and survive and adult learners. All of our programmes are endorsed by all three peak bodies of the learn to swim industry. For more information about why Seadragonz is WA’s most awarded swim school click here, or contact us on (08) 9397 1100 to find out when we can teach your child to swim.”

Our Story

Seadragonz owner, Lari, has been involved in the learn-to-swim industry for more than 20 years. The more she taught and learned about the industry, she realised that students could learn best when the environment was made ideal for learners that didn’t include consideration for other pool users. From there Lari and husband, Bill, set out to create a swim school that was purpose built for the learner.

In May 2005, by the banks of the Gascoyne River they set about designing and planning the building of Seadragonz. This was the first purpose built learn to swim pool in Western Australia and Seadragonz was to set the benchmark for all others that would follow in their wake. After many delays Seadragonz opened on January 29, 2007 and the rest as they say, is history!

Seadragonz Philosophy

The Seadragonz focus on swimming lessons is all about the learner and their needs. The learner’s point of readiness must always be respected and the instructor teaches from this position. If the student is shy, nervous or not ready to learn a new skill then they are permitted to direct the pace at which they learn. To do otherwise has the potential to have their learning put back weeks or months. Children will learn to love the water if permitted to learn at their pace.

Children need to learn trust before they can begin to learn to swim. They need to trust the environment and the teacher. Trust must be earned and cannot be taken for granted just because the adults believe and know it is ok.

At times it may appear as though a beginner is progressing very slowly, but, if we let the learner dictate the pace of learning they learn quicker and feel safer in the environment to try new skills when they are ready. Playing with toys and equipment helps children feel safe and learn to be comfortable in the water.

The Leafy Seadragonz

One of the most amazing and mysterious fish is the sea. Like the Seahorse the leafy seadragon’s name is derived from its resemblance to another creature (the mythical dragon).

They belong to the same family as the sea horse, but they look nothing alike.
Leafy seadragons can grow up to 45cm long, but the most amazing thing about the leafy seadragon is that the male is the one that gives birth. Females lay approx 200 eggs onto a special brood patch on the male’s tail. Its takes about 4-6 weeks from conception, then the male gives birth to the live young.

The lobes of skin that grow on the leafy seadragon provide camoflauge, giving it the appearance of seaweed.It is able to maintain the illusion when swimming, appearing to move through the water like a piece of floating seaweed. It can also change colour to blend in, but this ability depends on the seadragon’s diet, age, location, and stress level.

Found only along the southern coasts of Australia, it makes its home in the shore areas of sea grass and kelp.


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I highly recommend Seadragonz Swim School. I could not wish for a more enjoyable & positive environment for my children & I to be learning to swim in. It’s no wonder it is WA’s Most Awarded Swim School!!!