Infant Classes


Seadragonz is an industry leader and continues to search for ways to improve and provide better service to our community. Seadragonz was the first swim school in WA to implement swimming familiarisation and water safety classes for babies (Seabeanz) from eight weeks. Seabeanz classes are FREE with no obligation to continue once the child reaches four months and can commence the regular baby program.

Babies are introduced to water in a loving and gentle way, helping them to develop a fondness for water that will last a lifetime.  From two months to three years these classes are happy, fun and provide security in the water to build the foundations of swimming. Seadragonz prides itself on its child-centric philosophy and child-led pace and direction. The ratio is only 6:1 and each lesson is 30 minutes. Our instructors are highly qualified and experienced in teaching the very young and each lesson includes songs and toys to make the lessons fun and engaging.

Children need to feel confident and content in the water environment. Parents are in the pool with the baby and they find it a truly great bonding experience for parent and child. All babies must wear ‘Huggies Little Swimmer’ nappies in the pool and swim caps. Seadragonz recommend the softer fabric ones which can be purchased at reception.

Seadragonz provides nappy tables and showers as well as chemical free body/hair shampoo and wipes.

These early experiences provide the foundation for the development of aquatic skills. Using a vast variety of toys that engage all of the senses, captivate the young mind, experience sheer joy and naturally develop a love of swimming. They learn water awareness and water safety. As the child grows and develops their reflexes develop into coordinated swimming movements.

Research from the Griffith Institute for Educational Research shows that swimming lessons enhances a child’s physical, cognitive and social intellectual skills. Children who learn how to swim at a young age are reaching many developmental milestones earlier than the norm.


‘Swimming kids are smarter’

‘Swimming a smart move for children’


Swimming lessons are a great way to bond by spending uninterrupted time together in water. Parents can relax and enjoy their baby. Seadragonz unique and *genuine teaching program develops aquatic awareness though songs and activities that teach recognition of a sequence or words to an action. Seadragonz enhances the opportunity for parents to learn to read and respond to their child’s body language and queues to set them up for life where swimming is grinning.


*genuine swimming lessons are highly structured/planned to directly impact information sent and received via the child’s senses. This aids the development of motor skills and provides opportunities for parents/careers to broaden their knowledge on learning to swim for babies. Seadragonz provides activities that are age appropriate to help develop and enhance baby skills both in the water and on land. Seadragonz lessons are not singy songy happy clappy lessons just to fill in time. There is a direct relationship between activities and the song. There is a ‘how and why’ that link to water safety and their swimming development.


Aquatic Readiness – That Sinking Feeling 



Seabeanz: 2 – 4 months

Sea bubs: 4 – 8 months

Sea babes 1: 8 – 12 months

Sea babes 2: 12 – 18 months

Sea tots 1: 18 – 24 months

Sea tots 2: 24 – 36 months


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