Employment at Seadragonz

There are a range of positions for swimming teachers; work in the water, at reception, administration and the option of a traineeship program for those just getting started.  Swim teachers are employed as permanent staff either on a part time or full time basis.  We do not run by terms so this means you are committed to your regular shifts as they run all year round.

Why this is better than casual!

  • Permanent hours
  • Job security
  • Annual leave
  • Sick Leave
  • Assists when applying for loans

Seadragonz does not offer a job, but a career in learn to swim with long term potential.


To work at Seadragonz you will be required to hold or obtain

  • AUSTSWIM Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety or Swim Australia Teacher Qualification/ Royal Life equivalent.
  • Resuscitation
  • Senior First Aid
  • Working With Children Check
  • Bronze Medallion or Swim Teacher Rescue Award


Don’t stress if you don’t have these quals, we are happy to assist with opportunities to gain all the qualifications necessary.


Why our teachers love it here!

Seadragonz offers many perks for staff that make it an awesome place to work.


  • Conference fees and professional development fees are paid for e.g. Swimwest, King Neptune
  • Discounted training courses
  • Reward Scheme: this year 2 of our staff earned a weekend trip away for two. One went to Bali, the other to Melbourne.
  • Weekly staff lunch
  • The endless Lolly jar
  • Staff social fun days.
  • Full or part costs paid for opportunities to attend state and national conferences


This is what our staff say about working at Seadragonz…

“I have been a part of the Seadragonz team for over a year and a half and have loved every minute of it. After having my second child, I needed an enjoyable but part-time job/outlet. I had taught swimming during my university degree and loved it so it was a great fall back.

I was lucky enough to find Seadragonz needing staff at the time so I signed up. So many things that make Seadragonz an awesome place to work. The core are the owners (Lari and Bill) and the energetic and enthusiastic staff who really care about teaching swimming, kids and having fun.

The pool, toys, equipment, lollies, surprise morning or afternoon teas or lunches, theme days, the gorgeous (and challenging) kids, the dedicated parents are all fantastic too. Seadragonz provide staff with a career in addition to swimming teaching if that is of interest.

I wanted to do some reception work and was immediately trained and now work on the front desk as well. We all also have full support from Lari and Bill to undertake any further training (TAFE or other)! In addition, Seadragonz pay for staff training and personal development. We get to go to conferences, workshops both locally and nationally. It is apparently rare to love your job but I do!”


“I have been working with Seadragonz for about 2 and a half years, and I love it!   The kids are great! They seem to have so much fun they don’t even know they are learning to swim.

Watching them progress from a frightened little baby or toddler to a confident little swimmer without them feeling at all pressured to do anything “scary” is amazing! Having so much choice in toys and equipment the kids are focused on playing and learn without even knowing it!  (makes our job easier!)  And when you work in an environment where you get paid to “play” why wouldn’t you love it!  Seadragonz is the best place I have ever worked for.

Our shifts are permanent and secure and we are rewarded WAY too generously – I have had so many rewards I can’t name even them all – here’s a few of the big rewards that I have received in the past year- A trip to for 2  Bali fully paid for, a trip to the Gold Coast to attend a conference where I not only had a great time but also got to increase my knowledge on teaching,  and a weekend getaway for myself and my family, again all paid for and  all simply for doing a job that I love doing; go figure!  Our training and qualifications are all discounted and some cases paid for – The other staff are all easy going and easy to get along with.  We are heard and our needs are always put first. I am definitely very lucky to have such a great place to work!”


“I have worked for Seadragonz for about 4 years and love it.  With everything you have ups and downs but the ups out do the downs.  All the staff work together and we all try and do our job well.  We have lunch on different days each month and if it is not your day to work you can still come and have lunch and meet staff members that you may not see often or not at all because your days are different.

We are also offered lots of equipment to use especially toy that the kids can learn and play with this makes our jobs much easier and lots of fun.

There is some mandatory training and an orientation to be done in a time frame but if you embrace it you will be rewarded, not only in knowledge but you are looked after dinner, morning tea etc.

Swim teachers also have to do extra training towards their own certificate so they can renew it and this can be done at Seadragonz with their great trainers and it is for no cost.  This is fantastic at other facilities this could cost you a considerable amount of money.

If you are interested you can also ask about our extra training for certificates in Event management and lots of others.  Seadragonz arranges for you to be linked and signed up with the correct people and your job is designed to help you achieve what you are studying.

At Seadragonz you only need loyalty, respect, integrity and a great sense of fun and you will go a long way.  Do your job and do it well and you will be rewarded. A few examples that I have received as follows

Holidays – a week away for my whole family – weekends for my family

Beauty Treatments – numerous,


Business cards with my name on them,

Beautiful candles,

Gift vouchers,

Christmas presents and Christmas breakfasts – this is for my family as well and

An opportunity to attend the conference in Queensland – expenses payed.

Just to mention a few and remember, I have only been here for four years.  I love my job and I do it well.  But I know that it does not go unnoticed.

Thank you very much Seadragonz”


If you think you can be part of a team where swimming is grinning then Seadragonz may be the place for you.  Contact our team at